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Alright, let me update this thing. Yes, I tend to be a rather naughty girl. Though my reasons are my own, I can tell you this... Life in general is boring. By that I mean most people are content to just do the basic “sit around the house and veg” routine. Granted, I am not as active as I use to be, but I prefer to go out and do the things that most people only dream of. I have been to places, seen things and done what most would consider to be crazy, but I did them! Yes, I payed a price, I do not have the stable, married, family style life I would love to have, but I have something that will be with me for the rest of my life. I have lived! I have experienced things that transcend the comprehension of most people. My family think that I am crazy, my friends wish they had the nerve, and the rest of the world just sits back and watches with indifference.

My art.

It ranges from one end of a scale to another. From G to XXX. From personal to public. From political to spiritual. And you know what? That is quite fine with me. I know who I am. I know where I stand. And I will continue to create what comes to mind, and will do so with hand, mind and heart. For those of you who enjoy my work, I thank you very much for your Watches, your Faves, and you Comments. They mean a great deal to me. For those of you who do not..., use the filters. That is what they are there for.

The world may one day reach a point where people finally accept the fact that we are all different as well as the same. I doubt that day will come in my lifetime, so I hold no true hope for it. I will continue to do what I do. To live my life the best I can. To treat others as fairly and kindly as I can. I am not perfect, and anyone who says “They Are” is lying to themselves as well as everyone else. There will always be those who seek to make the lives of others as miserable as possible, only because they do not have the courage to go out and live their own life. So, to those of you here who might be second guessing themselves, take a moment to reflect on who you are. Who you think you are. Be yourself. And, if you are willing to accept the possibility of of losing something that others may not want you to lose, be who you want to be. Go out and do the things you have only dreamed of doing. But be warned, you can not undo that which you have done. Do I have regrets? A few. Would I change certain things if I could? Yes, who would not? Would I do all those so called crazy things I did in my life again? Would I go out an live like I did, see what I have seen and experience the world as I have done? Damn Phuckin Strait I Would! And if more people did, there may very well be a whole lot less hate in this world.


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could you do another request c:?
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Youre welcome. Hope to see more furry bondage!
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